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(ATTN: I would like everyone to understand something- most of the contents of this page were created when I was a teenager. I can't condone the person I was at this time, and yet, I can't bring myself to remove these things, either. I find nostalgic amusement in internet permanence, and feel that it would be a shame to remove things simply because they no longer fit my "image". Pretty much what I am trying to say here, is that if I am trying to get a job (or anything else, for that matter) and you decided to Google my name, and this was the second result- try to remember that few of us are proud of who we were as teenagers, and that I will not judge you for what you did with your time as one. Please extend the same curtesy. (happy face)) 07/10/11

I am stanley william moore and this website contains lots of things I've created for the purpose of entertaining you. Yeah, I know, I'm a pretty nice guy.

But, more importantly, I am an artist. And I highly recommend you see my website.

If you need anything, email me at william@swmoore.com (it'd be great to get an email about something here other than my ms paint drawing)



Put a Band-Aid on it!

Daily Dose of Stem Cells

My Painting Ate Me - The Importance of Gender Specification

A Comic About Gnomes

the life and death of a conspiracy theorist

lustful desires

the disturbing lives of fruits and vegetables

ms paint is driving me insane

my crappy artwork: and how I made it better

deadly contrails: you're dying and I'm not.

msn messenger meets ms paint?

the 3 best things ever!

how it all started. (depicted through ms paint)

yum, sweet 'n low.


I took normal photos and made them awesome with
Photoshop. Also, there are some things I made with
MS Paint. As you can see, I have insane skills.

(I am so glad the people I was doing freelance graphic design for never saw these.)


ultimate paint info/proof I did it

(photoshop) Koala bear attack.

(photoshop) Baseball New Orleans style.

(photoshop) Newspaper.

(mspaint) Van Gogh/Starry Night


These comics are based off of Defense of the Ancients.
It's a custom game for Warcraft III. If you've never
played it, don't bother reading these. You won't get
it. Seriously.

(I don't know if I am more embarassed that I made these, or that I still find them funny.)

about dota comics




Mantles FTW

DK, over

naix build


haxor sr





(this page and everything on it belongs to Stanley William Moore II (that's me) and if you steal anything on my page, you will regret it when shortly after, you are living on the streets, and the only thing you have to comfort you are the folds of newspaper wrapped around your dirty decaying body)