KTHX: by stanley william moore

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_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROOF AND TECHNIQUES FOR THE ULTIMATE MS PAINT DRAWING

Most of these images will be zoomed in so you can see the details of what I'm talking about. The colors may be slightly off from the original image.

(note to people on forums and junk that are complaining that I suck, and 100 hours somehow means I spent my entire life on this.)

To start off, here is an example of the the stages involved in one of the more complicated areas.


The smooth edges you'll see in areas of the image are done by taking a color that's half way between the color of the object and the space behind the object, and applying it to the sharp edges of the foreground object. Sometimes, to make it smoother, I'd use up to three different shades of the color for a smoother transition.


This style of blending was done by first applying the solid areas of colors, and then clicking. One pixel at a time. I'm seriously surprised my mouse still works.

These next few textures were made in almost the same way, by first applying basic colors, and then blending them. The difference is just in the way it's blended. If you look closely at the textured shading in the image, you can probably get the basic idea of how it was done.

I didn't use the airbrush very much, because of its tendancy to be a little too random. But I did use it in a few places, either over other textures or by itself.


As previously stated, I used shading before I applied textures. Some areas of the image were done using just shading and not adding any extra texture.

As you can see in the close up image of the sky, it's not perfectly smooth, but lines with a slightly varying shade going across. To do that, all I had to do is change the hue, saturation, and brightness by 2, slowly working towards what I had chosen as the final color, putting a new line across every time I changed the shade etc.

Then, the shapes that were shaded were done the same way, but shaped into objects instead of just straight lines.


Kirby, Ness, and Megaman were done by just finding a screen shot, using a larger square and shaping them like large pixels. Which of course, requires nearly no skill, I just liked how they look. Chrono was just done with some basic drawing and shading. The Counter Terrorist was done using various techniques that were previously mentioned.


The text was done by just zooming really far in and making it look as even as I could. The can was particularly hard, and not as good as I should've done.

The text on the truck was done by just making up letters as I went along, and making sure they were in the same style as the previous ones. I made a few varations on text for that part.


All together, I basically used those techniques to make the whole thing. I'm going to probably add some more later if I feel like it. I'm sure there are typos and bad punctuation, but I don't care right now, I'll fix it later.